What is a TEN?

Under certain circumstances it becomes a Legal Requirement that the ‘Hirer’ has to secure a ‘Temporary Events Notice’ (TEN) from the local Council.

For example

  1. If you wish to sell alcohol
  2. If you are charging for entry to a dance with live music
  3. Paying musicians for their time

Legal things outside our control

The Management Committee of the Grove Building DOES NOT hold a Premises or Entertainment licence.  

EVERYONE making a booking has a duty to familiarise themselves with these regulations and has a legal responsibility to secure such a licence.

You should NOT apply for a TEN unless this has first been approved by the Chairman or the Booking Secretary.
We provide 2 helpful documents in this regard and you can access them here:    

You can also go straight to the Council website to download a blank TENs form.

(Committee Members have a legal duty to ensure that all users comply in this regard and have the powers to act where a TEN is required and has not been obtained).

Site Updated: 10 August 2021

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